The easiest way to share empty seats in your Car and Bike to earn money

No more waiting for bus, car or
MRT at peak hours

Kilometer identifies your expert
friend and routes to them

Earn money through the rides and
car pooling/bike pooling

8,000+ users and growing

People are using in multiple sectors

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Verification & Safety

Teapot Rating

Teapot is an acronym for Transaction and Exchange Along the Path Of Trust. With ever growing sharing economy in various sectors, its increasingly difficult for the two strangers to buy/sell products/services, with this in mind Stanford University has come up with a cool mechanism of rating the users based on their social login using their proprietary algorithm and gives a rating based on that.

Kilometer Rating

KM Rating is the rating done by where the users who wants to be KM verified user has to make a payment of Rs 300, our team would do the due diligence and give them KM Verified User where people can travel with the KM Verified user without a fear or worry.

Tracker Pals

TTP[Trip Tracker Pal] is's method of providing safety and security to the users. Whenever user attempts to make a trip with another user in, s/he will be prompted to register two of their friends as their trip track pal, whose mobile number will also be verified.


Anand Balan

I decided to go by from now on because it was cheap, easy, and the most direct way to get to Electronic City in Bangalore from Chennai. Thank you!

Soumyadip Khan

My best experiences with have been making new friends which happens just about every time. On my last trip after riding in the car together we went for Marathon for a cause.

Suresh Chandran

The experience was not only convenient, but I met a couple of great people along the way. My passengers Sathish , Gopi and I had a very pleasant drive up to Pondicherry.